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Why I Read What I Read

Last time I negotiated my salary, I asked for a book allowance as part of the raise. It's one of the best things I ever asked for. I've been buying books steadily every month for a couple of months now and love that there are now several worthwhile piles stacked around the house.

I haven't read all of them, and I buy more than I can read in a month at the moment, but I still read a lot more than before I started buying books regularly. Since I have to spend the money on books or forfeit it, I buy more books than I would usually not buy straight away. I don't think about whether I really want the book or whether I can afford it anymore. I just buy it. At least if I am remotely interested.

When it comes time to pick something to read, I pick up different books for different reasons. First off, there are the "very smart books". I read them to learn new things, mostly about business, psychology, behavioural science, and economics. There is a little bit of history and a little bit of biography sprinkled in there for good measure. Some of these are entertaining to read, and some are dryer but packed full of useful information.

Of course, the dryer ones take longer to read, although if the information is valuable to me, finishing these kinds of books feels like a wonderful accomplishment.

There are some books I read for the inspirational content. I like to read about the experience of ordinary people when they are confronted with extraordinary circumstances. I read these when I feel a little fragile or want to remind myself that I, too, am strong.

I read poetry because it is where the soul heals. Every time a poem touches me, I am again delighted by how much can be said with so little. I love the way some poems unfold in my mind, how the images appear there.

I also read fiction (mostly fantasy and science-fiction) to relax and just enjoy. Sometimes fiction is very close to poetry, which I love. I also like humour, especially in science-fiction.

Then there are the books I read or re-read because I like the way the author talks to me. There is one I am reading right now that reads like a long, excellent pep talk. Often, just hearing the right words can lift my energy.


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