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Unashamed of Creativity

Yesterday, S. and I wrote a song together for the first time in years. We met through music and somehow, the writing together really works for us.

It all started when he played some of our old tunes on the piano with me singing along. While he was trying to remember a piece from ten years ago, I sat down on the floor with some paper and a pen and wrote some lyrics.

That's how I used to write. On the floor, with something musical going on around while S. tinkered with this or that. After fifteen minutes I had enough to show for a chorus and a verse, so I passed the sheet over to him for a read through. He started playing something immediately and half an hour later, we had three-quarters of a song together.

Seems like this writing together is like riding a bicycle. You never really forget.

Today, he surprised me by telling me he was streaming on Twitch while working on the song. I joined him about half an hour in to listen along. I ended up making a quick vocal recording on my phone so he had sample vocals to work with while he was doing his arranging and synthing up.

It struck me how different both of us deal with creativity now.

Back in the day, I would have died rather than show anyone a recording that wasn't absolutely as perfect as I could make it. I'd have recorded 50 takes just to send one to S. Today, I practised the thing twice, wrote some more words to go with it and then recorded it exactly once and sent it off. Imperfect but good enough to work with.

Similarly, S. would never have streamed himself while working on his music. He only showed it to very few people back then. And sure, his stream doesn't have many viewers, but technically, his work is now out there on the internet. With commentary and thoughts and everything.

We're both much more open and ready to share. We're not ashamed of our "little projects" anymore and we're not afraid of rejection.

We're more than happy to go:

"Here, I made this."

Anyway, if you want to know what the first draft of a song sounds like, listen here:

Are You With Me Now

I am curious to see how it will finish.


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