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The Road

Everyone has their own path. It sounds cliche but it is also true.

I think we spend a lot of time resisting that particular truth. We so very much want growing into ourselves to be like a ten-step programme. It would save us a lot of hard work. It's only when we stop following other people's roads that we can get comfortable walking our own.

That doesn't mean that stories from people who have walked similar roads before us can not be helpful. They are very helpful. Not because they give us detailed instructions on where to go but because they give us hope.

Hope is an extremely valuable resource when you're on the road to yourself. Isn't it funny how the light at the end of the tunnel usually turns out to be the very spark of hope we've been carrying through the dark all along? It's all within us. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the glorious.

Used to be that I had a lot of advice to give on how to et better. I'd recommend books and podcasts, poured endless cups of tea over sermons that went on and on and I'd explain it all to you. In detail.

These days, not so much. I am learning that my road is mine alone. Perhaps yours will go alongside for a bit or look vaguely similar for a spell, but ultimately, you go yours, I go mine. Perhaps I can throw you a line of inspiration, a prayer to burn in your hope candle. But you still have to walk. You have to take every single step. And your feet will hurt differently from mine.

So no, I don't think we can directly help other people with their road. We can only believe in them. We can celebrate their journey. We can give them encouragement when they falter. We can acknowledge their efforts and tell them "I love you. You can get up. I love you. I'll be here when you continue. Don't worry. I love you".

That's all. It doesn't seem like much. At the same time, it seems like the biggest thing in the universe.


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