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The Long Nights

At seven PM today, the world was all golden with the leftover sun. We sat by the river, had some ice cream and watched the ships go by. That was some good life being lived right there.

We're headed to winter, but first, there is autumn. Autumn is beautiful and full of gold and new wine.

Where I live, the temperatures are pretty mild throughout the season. We've had warm-ish days as late as November or December.

By the time it gets really cold, in February, the days are already longer again. The winter days can stretch for miles sometimes. And I like the cold. I don't like it when it is wet and cold, but I like clean crisp frost in the air. When you can smell the snow coming and hear the ice sing when it stretches across everything.

It feels strange and fitting that the shortest day and the longest night of the year is just before Christmas. Winter solstice. Yuletide. Whatever you call it. It's the time where, despite the best efforts of the Christian church, candles and fires burn for an entirely different reason.

We keep the lights burning to wait for the sun to come back and bring us all the way through winter. We keep watch, somehow, sometimes even unknowingly. someone, somewhere, stays up to relight the candles and make sure it never goes all dark.

And then Christmas rolls around with its breath of relief. Finally, we can slow down. There is not much left of the year but wait it out. The week after Christmas is this strange ground between this year and next year. We don't do much but wait for time to pass. For me, it's a quiet and wistful time. I always wonder how the year feels, leaving us as it does.

And still, we keep lighting candles and making good food. We try to find out lost energy and make another round of new year's resolutions. We sit by the fire, watch the lake, and every now and then, take a walk around the house. That's all.

It's a beautiful time of year. And every time, we all make it through the darkness. We all come out springside.


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