7 months ago for day 335, 2019 with 307 words.

Follow Through

I left the writing until late in the day again. I was not pleased with that, mostly because it always makes for at least half an hour of anxiety and noticeable procrastination before I then make a final push and get around to it. But get around to it I do so in the end, it is all good.

Things are still moving along nicely and contrary to what I had thought, I am actually not tempted to rush towards the end. I seem to have the same kind of pace that I have had throughout the book and err on the side of "having another description/explanation/conversation" rather than just rushing through it. I am looking forward to finishing the book. The surprising thing is that it has so far not occurred to me not to finish it. I was worried about just falling down and letting things go after the NaNo challenge was accomplished but it seems like I was successful in making my brain understand that making the word count was just one of the two goals.

Also, this feeling of almost having written a book is too good to not finish the book. I really love that now I get to be a person who wrote a book. I love that I can now have the identity of "someone who does this thing".

Making it this far has done a lot for my confidence. Both the confidence as a writer and the confidence in my own work ethic. There is a lot of value in proving to yourself that you can "just do" something even when the house is not on fire. I had not realised how much I doubted my own work ethic or ability to follow through until I felt the relief that came from following through.


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By Fiene

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