7 months ago 🤯 for day 45, 2020 with 370 words.

Sticking To The Essentials

So yesterday I had a really good, really productive day. Today on the other hand, I had a day-long escapade with the mother of all headaches. I slept a lot. I prayed for the aspirin to finally do its job, and then I slept some more.

I went to the pharmacy and for a short walk around town. When I made myself a sandwich, I felt like I had just accomplished the biggest gambit of my life.

There are days like that.

In my mind, my to-do list shrunk down to the bare minimum. My husband arrives on Sunday and there were a million things I wanted to get done before he arrived. As it looks now, I'll be lucky if I am going to be able to drive to the airport to pick him up.

There are only a couple of things I'll do before he arrives.

Getting my son to pack his bag and driving him to the train station tomorrow morning. He's visiting his grandparents.

Changing the sheets on the bed.

Doing a grocery run.

That's it. I am not going to tidy up the front room or vacuum all the floors. I am not going to fold all the laundry and I am certainly not going to sort through all the clothes I was looking to give away. The messy parts of the house will stay exactly as messy as they are right now.

Unless I am hit with a sudden, unexplainable burst of energy tomorrow. But I don't think that will be the case. If my breathlessness after my little walk today is any indication, I'll be pretty wiped out after the drive to the train station and the grocery shopping tomorrow.

I am glad that I didn't have any work today and that it is winter vacation time. There is nothing that I really, really have to do. Just a couple of wants and those can wait for a few days.

Every time this happens to me, I am glad that I have created enough space in my life to not have to worry when I am out for a day or two.


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By Fiene 🤯

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