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Small Comforts

Would you like to know how I significantly increased my focus time?

The weird device that doubled my focus time.

She got three times smarter using this device.

I could go on.

No, I am not practising headline-writing for BuzzFeed, don't worry. I am, however, slightly amused by the insight I had a couple of minutes ago. Since there is no way to share manic chuckles over the internet, I am manifesting my amusement with silly headlines.

What the headlines claim is true, though. There is an innocuous thing my husband gave me for Christmas that has singlethingedly fuelled both my and my son's study success over the last two weeks. We are both sitting at our study table enjoying it right now.

I doubt I would have made as much progress as I did without it. I also suspect it is what glues my son to the table for much longer than usual.

The thing is an electric heating pad for our feet.

We have it under the table midway between the two of us. I have my feet on one end, he has his feet on the other. After two weeks, we have learned to amicably share the pad without banging our feet into each other, hogging all the space, or dragging the pad too far our way for the other one to reach it.

Our feet are warm.

Every half hour or so we slightly emerge from our deep focus to comment on the deliciousness of warm feet. Not a day has gone by without us singing the praises of our new favourite gadget.

Times are good when you have warm feet.

I hadn't realised until now how much of a distraction the discomfort of my always-icy feet was. Even with thick socks or slippers, I get cold feet when I am sitting for a while. Sometimes I wrap a blanket around my legs which helps a little. It keeps my feet lukewarm which is better than freezing but still a long way away from comfortable.

The footpad has turned one of my major physical distractions into a source of comfort. Sitting at the table is now not only practical and productive but also pleasurable. This little change matters a lot.

It's like having a nice mechanical keyboard to make typing more pleasurable.

I wonder where else I can turn a small nagging source of discomfort into a source of feeling good to support my goals.


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