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Out In The Open

Today, I told the rest of my family that I got married back in October. I also made a tiny announcement on facebook and told S and my mutual friends/colleagues who didn't already know. It feels good to have this out in public.

I've been debating how to go about telling the world about this for a while but in the end, I did it as I usually do things. By degrees and by order of priority. First, I told everyone very close to me. S, my mother, and my grandmother. Basically just the people whose blessing I wanted. I told them a couple of days before.

After the wedding, I told my colleagues and some close friends. Then I told N. We work together and were very close at one point. This was another matter of "I'd like you to hear it from me before you hear it from someone else".

And now, after S moved out and we have all our affairs settled, I told everyone else who didn't know yet. Including the people in my family I don't talk to all that often.

I didn't know how to go about this for the longest time. S and I still work together in an open-source community where we are both relatively well known. Did this warrant a public announcement? In the end, I figured that it didn't need to be a public announcement and that most people probably didn't care about my personal life. I ended up telling only a few people who I consider friends and who actually might care about my personal life (they ask how I am doing, etc.).

I feel pretty good about how it turned out in the end. I like that I can now casually talk about my husband when I want to and I also like that, all things considered, I have no regrets about not telling someone at the appropriate time.


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