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NaNoWriMo - Stick To Your Thingies

So yesterday I did not write down my usual promise to myself about when I am going to write the next day. It was so late that by the time I had written for NaNoWriMo and updated here, the bathtub was the only thing that was left on my mind.

Today, then, the writing was not nearly as firmly anchored on my plan for the day as it had been the last couple of days. During the last days, I had always been very aware of where in my day the writing would take place, how much time I had until then, what I would do shortly before, shortly after and what I would need to move around or let go in order to make the writing happen.

Today I just had no clue. I didn't have a clear perception of the day's schedule at all, let alone of how writing would fit into it.

I also didn't "feel like writing" at all. To be honest, I barely thought about it throughout the day and it was only after my lunch break when I Was well into the afternoon that it occurred to me that if I wanted to have an uninterrupted two-hour block, I'd have to get to it soon (read: now).

On top of that, I also felt like procrastinating. I had more than one thought that went "you should do the laundry" or "you should really tidy up now" and in the end, I did take a detour and took a shower. I justified this by telling myself that I would think about what to write while I was in the shower. And to be fair to myself, I did just that.

So here is the thing for me: It seems that the more connected I feel to my project, the more attention I pay and the more intention I focus on it, the easier it is to "fit it into my day". Part of directing my intention towards writing this little novel is the act of writing out when I will next write. It means more and the intention becomes a lot clearer and sharper when I write it down in exact words with an exact time.

The other thing I learned is that if I leave the writing for too late, I might do the writing but inadvertently skimp on the "aftercare". I need to make sure that I do the whole thing from start to finish, including the bits that I do after the writing to set up the next writing session or else, I will have a harder time the next day. Removing as much friction as possible is as much an important part of the thing as doing the thing.


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