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Moving Things

I've been dragging my feet on sorting out the clutter that has exponentially accumulated with Adam moving here. After we bought a new bed and his stuff arriving, one of the rooms was basically filled with boxes, the old bed, and Adams sofa.

A few days ago, though, I put up one of the superfluous sofas for sale and I got lucky. Someone came to get it today and I even got a fair bit of money for it. With the sofa gone, there was now a gap of opportunity in Adam's office.

This meant I could get the armchair and the side table that had been clogging up the hallway into a space where not only they were not in the way, but they were also useful. The armchair reclines and is extremely comfortable. It is dark leather and dark wood, so the side table went with it well.

Once I started moving things, I figured I could also move other things. So I took all the boxes out of the cluttered room where the old bed and Adams big sofa were. Then, we assembled the sofa and move the bed to the attic. Again, I'd been dragging my feet on moving the bed because the mattress is very heavy. I am still not sure if I want to sell it or give it to Sean. He doesn't really want it because he thinks a double bed takes up too much space. I reckon he will want it soon enough though.

Either way, once the big bed was out of the room, there was enough space for the big sofa to become a sofa again and not just be a pile of sections. Then I consolidated everything that was split over two walls of shelving into one wall of shelving and brought some more stuff up to the attic.

I still have a bunch of things to sell and I suspect we can still permanently store at least half of what is left over in the room with the big sofa, but we're on the right track.

Once things move, things MOVE!


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