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Lunch Fatigue

I don't know what I want to have for lunch today. I got bored with my usual fare but I have no idea what I want instead.

I am a sort of seasonal eater. I tend to eat the same things for an extended period of time ad then rotate. Last year I had an extended period of avocado with poached eggs and on toast. This year, I felt like potatoes and eggs for the longest time.

At work, I have been having fish and chips once a week for the past couple of months but right now, I don't feel like it. The thing is, nothing else in the neighborhood appeals either.

Maybe a salad....but that is so green. Soup? Well, maybe soup. I think I could get used to the idea of soup.

I wish there was a place near by where they only had soups and stews. Lunchtime offerings in the area are shockingly lacking in the soup department. ow do people even go on without having soup?

I mean, the soup!! A very undervalued, under-explored culinary medium if ever there was one.

As you can see, I can get a little obsessive once I have settled on a thing to eat (I now want soup, in case you could not tell).

I will take myself out for lunch in a few minutes and use the time to decompress a little. It is very quiet in the office today since most of my colleagues are out for a half day, a conference, or working from home. Even the phone is quiet today. A rare treat, indeed.

In other news, the lemon water has returned to the morning parade and I did not give in to the "mimimi I am tired" feeling this morning. I just stayed awake and wrote some.


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