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Giving It A Rest

This morning, I optimistically wrote down that I would do Yoga after my walk. I also would do maths. Right now, I feel too tired and sunned out for either and I think for today, I might just give it a rest. Sometimes I get so caught up in all the habit things that I forget that the habits are supposed to serve me and not weigh me down.

I do worry that if I don't yoga, it will be harder tomorrow, though. In my experience, it is easier to keep going than to start again. In physics, this is called the principle of momentum. Keeping things in motion requires a lot less energy than putting things in motion.

Perhaps we should look more to physics other sciences for our self-helpery. The more I learn, the more I realize that a pattern or principle that from one area of study often appears in a different area as well. Once we strip the context away, a lot looks like "the same thing in a different colour".

Let's see what other principles I can think that might be reflected elsewhere in life.

How about gravity. Gravity doesn't only mean things fall down. Gravity means that all things that have mass or energy are brought towards one another. The operative term here is "to one another".

Sure, we are all brought towards the earth and thus don't fly off to the moon. But every single one of us also has mass and energy. So if we follow the law of gravity, we also are brought towards each other in some way. We might not notice it in the same way we notice the earth's gravity, simply because it's much stronger. But it's there.

Perhaps, it's the strange feeling when you stand very close to another person and find that you are swaying into them slightly. The tension builds, and before you know it you are hugging or touching the other person in some way.

Conservation of energy is another interesting principle of physics. It says that energy can only be converted but not destroyed or even generated. So your energy has to come from somewhere and it has to go somewhere. It doesn't just pop into existence. Perhaps your body makes it. Perhaps your mind also makes it. This means you have to eat and sleep, for example. I also think there might be a more abstract observation somewhere in there, but at the moment, it eludes me.


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