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First Virtual Conference

I just attended my first virtual conference and it worked out pretty well. There were short, well-facilitated discussions that led to break-out sessions with small groups. The breakout sessions with the small groups went surprisingly well. Most people were willing to share and happy to contribute to the conversation.

I don't think the material covered was anything new to me, but it was still interesting to see others grappling with the same questions and being encouraged to articulate that. It's good practice and I am surprised that this kind of format works.

I now also have more of an idea what other paid-for events facilitated through zoom can look like. I've also gathered some ideas for the future and some new ways to use the features in zoom (or any other video conferencing tool) better for events like this.

In completely unrelated news, I have done some laundry and cooked proper dinner today for the first time in a while. I also cleaned out the fridge and wiped down all the shelves and re-organized the food. We treated ourselves to a little shopping trip after - I bought all my favourite childhood snacks to introduce to Adam. We've already made our way through every Kinder (Surprise) snack that is available today. I made sure to tell him the advert and tagline with each so he could determine whether they lived up to it.

Turns out, he likes the same one I like best - Kinder Country.

We also got Hanuta and Haribo Colorado. He doesn't like liquorice but I want him to try the green Haribo mango frogs. When I was little, you could buy these for five cents (then Pfennig) apiece at the local bakery. So my sister and I would go to the bakery in the morning to get the bread rolls for breakfast and then request "frogs for the change". On really good days, we both ended up with more than five frogs each!

These days, they are not my absolute favourite anymore, but I still like having them for nostalgic purposes. The same goes for the liquorice snails...my all-time favourite as a kid.


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