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Don't Think About It

Sometimes, when I sit down to write, the headline still stumps me. I usually fill it in last, except on those occasions when I have a specific think in mind already. When I am a little zony, I keep staring at the blank headline field and just forget about skipping it. Ten I start wondering what to write about which inevitably leads me to coming up with - and dismissing - several ideas because nothing seems special enough. When I am a bit tired, almost every thought feels unexciting and meaningless which means that I'll not "feel like writing about it".

This just happened to me before I started this post. Before I knew it, I had spent 10 minutes thinking. Ten minutes! Usually, I can write my whole post in ten minutes.

When I don't feel like writing, looking through writing prompts feels like looking through the Netflix selection on a slightly bored, slightly tired evening. Nothing looks yummy. I have the abstract feeling of looking for something specific that I never quite find. Looking at prompts only gets me further away from writing. The more I look and can't settle on anything, the unhappier I feel about the whole thing. Every dismissed prompt increases the feeling of "there is nothing worth writing about".

The solution, of course, is to just write. Once I have a couple of words, I have no problem finding more of them. Sometimes I even have a thought that is worth sharing even though the post started with "I have no idea what to write about and I am a little tired and bored".

Just doing the thing really is the best way to get my brain onto the task of doing the thing. Id works with other things, too, by the way.

Yesterday, I absentmindedly started to wipe away some soap scum in the bathroom sink while I was on the phone with a friend. Before I knew it, the little bit of wiping had lead to a complete deep clean of the bathroom. Needless to say, I had had many a thought about "I need to clean the bathroom but it's not interesting" before yesterday that did not lead to any cleaning at all.


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