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A Day Well Done

Today was a marvellous day; I feel quite accomplished. It's not so much the number of things I got done (a fair bit, thank you) but the kind of stuff I got done. I always feel glad when I get the sense that I have made progress on a couple of important things or things I was avoiding.

There is this little glowy sensation that tells me that what I am working on matters. I love my little glow.

Despite having done some significant thinking stuff today, I do not feel drained or tired. I had a little bit of a slump when I came out of my deep focus phase around 5 PM, but that was easily cured with a nice, hot bath. It was good.

Now, two hours later, I feel reasonably refreshed and mentally clear, so maybe I will even go and do some more things. Not heavy thinking things, but rather more physical errands. There is laundry to be folded. Always the laundry.

On a day like this, I feel in sync and on track. I feel like I am finding good solutions to move forward where on some other day, I would have stopped and procrastinated. I find the courage to start something just so that it gets started even though I know I will not finish it. I send things off to be reviewed even though there is one part of the project that still needs to get completed.

It occurred to me that a widespread reason for delays in finishing a project is that we wait for everything to be completed before getting feedback. In reality, we can usually send something partial off to get reviewed or improved on already even if we are still working on other bits. You can move forward at different paces in different areas.

I feel accomplished, but not busy. I don't like feeling busy. Not only because it overwhelms me and makes me cranky, but also because to me, it is an indicator that something is awry. It means I do not have my priorities straight because if everything is on my plate because I said yes to it and my plate is too full, I said yes to too much.

P.S. To this end, I find it hilariously horrible and a good representation of our busy culture that Grammarly just suggested "energetic" as a synonym for "too busy"


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