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"I Want to See You"

A few days ago I posted the news about my wedding on Facebook. I mostly did it, because my aunt had asked me on my Facebook profile whether the news was true. She had intended to send this as a private message but posted it publicly instead.

Anyway, since it was already public, I followed up with a small announcement and a cute gif of me beaming at my husband.

I very rarely make announcements on Facebook so this update caused a little bit of a stir in my circle of Facebook friends (loose acquaintances). Quite a few people contacted me to check-in, have a little chat and get some more details. Eventually, all of these conversations led to the following statement:

"I'd love to see you again sometime!"

A couple of years ago, this would either have left me reeling to come up with an excuse or made me feel like I need to organise something. I would have felt like it was up to me to go and see that person. Then, a bit later, I would have felt bad about not making enough of an effort.

Today I just nod quietly to myself and reply with something like this:

"Sure. Hit me up for coffee if you're ever in the area".

That coffee, of course, never happens. I can still count the times people have followed up on these exclamations with actions on one hand. I used to be disappointed by that but today, I understand that in nine out of ten cases, the exclamation of "I want to see you" is only a spur of the moment expression of a feeling. It is not a true desire for most people. I am not saying they would not like to see me. They sure would not mind seeing me if it just happened. But it's usually not enough to move someone to action. So I just shrug, tell them they are welcome for coffee, and move on with my life.


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