5 months ago 🔥 for day 256, 2019 with 422 words.

High Thoughts #1

This is the first time I write (here) high. Here's to first times 🥂🥂

#1: Do you ever reach the point you're just like FUCK IT, what do I have to lose? And do the thing. What if it didn't take you so fucking long to get there? Fuck it, man, what do you have to lose?

#2: @whoever runs this website: I beg you, let me implement an integration between the Android gif keyboard and this editor. Please. I'm dying. I'll do it for free.

#2.5: y'all can't handle me with gifs.

#3: giving people second chances is great sometimes. I'm not saying you have to. I'm saying trust your guts. Sometimes the strongest relationships are born from getting past conflict*.

  • Also relationships can be rebuilt. It just depends on whether people are willing to go through the emotional growth and pain. Sometimes it isn't worth it. But sometimes it works out great.

#4: I want to make something in riso printing but IDK what. I WANNA MAKE A ZINE!!!! But I have to, like, write one. And that's daunting.

#4.5: a blogging platform........ but you can only publish zines........

[I can't believe I still have 102 101 100 99 98 97 words to go.]

#5: There's a thing in a book about cPTSD I've been reading about how going through a lot of trauma causes you to be hypercritical (both inwardly and outwardly). For me, this mostly translates into hating the lack of a polished UX.

I have standards too high for the indie world. I'm a pampered bitch.

#5.1: Can I swear on here? Is there like a w2g swear jar? Now this is a real monetization strategy.

Maybe we can fix the internet with swear jars. Every time someone posts female presenting nipples they have to put 1$ in the titty jar. In like 3 weeks we could have enough money to buy Tumblr back.

#6: look, there must be a way to have the indie spirit but the Silicon Valley polish.

[I just need my good UX, man. How else am I supposed to operate websites while high?]

#6.5: I need to open a company so I can hire a bunch of people to do UX QA while high. I have a theory that it's a fantastic way to understand where your website could use to be more intuitive.

#7: We won't save the internet without community.

My cat wants the keyboard, it's time to go.


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