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Essentially Random Thoughts

It's really hard to start writing because honestly there's just too much I want to write about. It's a big problem with ADHD, all thoughts you have trying to come out all at once from the funnel of your mouth (or fingers) and causing a congestion that rivals the 101 on a weekday afternoon. No one is going anywhere, hope you have a good podcast to listen to.

So here's a brain dump of things I've thought about lately:

  • The best advice I got recently (from a book) is "if you try to network for the sake of networking you'll have a bad time, but if you go to events with the goal of being yourself then the networking will happen and you'll feel less gross about it".

  • Re: previous point: I consider myself an extremely weird person. It's nerve-wracking to go out there and be myself. I'm terrorized by it (yes, we all are to some extent but for now trust me when I say I live this at a Higher Level™). Still, I'm getting more and more to the conclusion that not doing so is not worth it. You can play it safe only up to a certain point. Taking a leap of faith towards authenticity is hard, but sometimes it's the only thing that will Save You™.

  • Hideo Kojima is amazing at building hype and a great example of a visionary that finds good compromises between wackiness and marketability. A study on how Kojima does things and how he got there would be incredible to read.

  • One way or the other, the days of capitalism are numbered. There's a transformation brewing and none of us knows exactly how it will look, but boy can many of us feel it rising up. People too entrenched into the Business World won't see it until it's too late, and so won't corporations. But there's definirely people within them who are trying to steer them in the right direction. I don't know that they will succeed, and maybe it's better if they don't. What I know, however, is that we need the expertise these people have, and we need to connect them with people at the margin trying to do great stuff. Destroying capitalism doesn't mean rejecting everything capitalism can teach us. You can find wisdom from everywhere if you're willing to set your ideals aside and listen.


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