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Why do I fail?

I make a couple of starts up, but I fail all of them. I know how to code JavaScript, PHP, and how to use designing tools such as Adobe Photoshop. I created things that it fails. No kidding. I created Apps for IOS and Android but I got 0 users.. a website for the doctors finds platform nobody visits. After that, I wrote an e-book. It was about my experiences while I was an international student in the U.S. I wrote in Turkish, I planned to make it a handbook for new students. 1000 people viewed 0 sales. Price was $5. So, I failed again. So far, I failed 5 times.

So my last idea was created something like this, it a great platform but if I created 'writetogether.space' probably it will fail too. Because I created. Also, I travel the world a lot I have been so far, 28 countries and I'm 26 years old. So, a lot of people told me hey created YouTube channel but if I do, I'm worried about, I will get fail again. But thank God I have 30k followers on Instagram that may help me get viewers. But I'm not doing it.

I know some people will say a lot of CEO and founders that fail so many times. Once I read the founder of stock photos, he created 1000 company he fails all of them but finally, he becomes a millionaire. But I don't want to fail 1000 to become successful. So why do WE fail? What we are doing wrong? Is failing being better than doing nothing? I think so. So, this is why I will try to keep building things. Not because every time I learn something, but because of its better than doing nothing.

The thing is when you fail or not fail you still building new things. Why are we doing this? Look Jack founder of Twitter he also builds Square. Or Instagram founder Kevin, he builds SUPER successful product, but he is going to rebuild something new. This is why WE love tech.

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