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New York City experience

Throughout the 5 years that I’ve lived in the United States, I’ve never had a chance to visit the famous big apple. I’ve lived in both Houston and Los Angeles, and have traveled to Denver, Boulder, Miami, San Diego, San Francisco, Dallas and many more. So, I finally decided to take a trip to New York. Other than doing my research on places to stay and go, I also looked at some unusual attractions such as the Museum of Sex and the Extraction Lab coffee shop.

Now, my journey started with a flight from New York City from Los Angeles with American Airlines Business Class. The flight was extremely smooth, so upon landing, I hit the New York streets. Eventually, I reached my hotel, which was a very nice Pod 51 near Times Square. Therefore, I didn’t need to rent a car, which was a relief, and if I ever wanted to go further afield, I’d just book an Uber.

As I was so close, the first night involved a walk to Times Square, and I was expecting spectacular action as you see in the movies. But, in actual fact, it was just tourists like me, wandering around trying to navigate the area. However, I loved the atmosphere, and the people of NYC are all very, very cool.

Moving on, the next part of the journey was to book a tour of the Statue of Liberty. Typically, people get there by ferryboat, but I decided on the guided tour alternative. The security inside is very robust, and some parts are even bolstered by bulletproof glass. Even though it was wonderful to see the statue, the tour guide moved very slow and even failed to recognize that statue was originally made for the Republic of Turkey (Ottoman Empire back then).

Furthermore, the best spot that I came across for pictures is the Brooklyn Bridge. You can truly observe the whole city from there, and it’s absolutely amazing. Plus, it’s very historical, and it genuinely makes you feel like a part of NYC while there. Also, once you reach the top, you’ll be able to view some brilliant engineering, and whoever worked on that bridge, I take my hat off to them!

I’m a huge fan of coffee, and I seriously cannot do without it. So, after seeing an article on The Verge about the most expensive cup of coffee in the US being in NYC, I wanted to try it out. I wanted a good cup of coffee, so I headed to the Extraction Lab in Industry Park City, Sunset Park.

It was well worth the visit, and their brewing techniques are second to none. Although, anything has got to be better than Blue Bottle or Philz Coffee back in LA, both of which taste horrible in my opinion. Ultimately, my trip to New York was a memorable and fantastic one, and I highly recommend it to any of you! I also visit the Empire state building with a VIP tour and had launch at a world-famous pizza shop in Jewish town at Brooklyn.


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