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Hat in the ring

Alright, I'm in.

This will hopefully be the only piece of writing I do here that's about the rest of the writing - like a few people here, I thought it would be interesting to set my stall out in advance ahead of the next 365 days.

Broadly my new year's resolution is simply to keep writing. I'm working on a large interactive fiction project right now, and have had some success with articles and things recently too, as well as working on my own stuff. I feel like I've found my voice a little, maybe, and regular achievable writing goals like the one that this site supports feels like a nice easy to keep at it.

I've not quite decided exactly what I'll use this for, but I think it'll be a good mix. There'll certainly be elements from my game work, Closed Hands, and some of the daily 300 words could be character studies or location descriptions etc.

I'm also writing a little more about games culture and my own work, so it's also possible I'll sketch out a few things here.

I'll likely also use some of the days to simply record interesting things of note, fragments of interest and whatever else I want to take from brain to page. More abstract than blogging.

I'm also very excited to see what other people do with this thing. 300 words is almost nothing, but writing the system you could do almost anything, so I'm hoping to get chance to peer into the practice and writing of a while bunch of interesting people.

Like I said on twitter, I really dislike when people shout down this who make new years resolutions. Mine is simply to keep writing, and fingers crossed this lovely little website will be one way I can keep my hand in.

If you're reading this, hello, I'm @danhett on twitter and everywhere else. This is my only meta-post, from tomorrow onwards the writing will commence. Yeah!


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