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My Writing Routine

I want to publish writing more regularly. My goal is to write every day. At least, that’s the experiment I’m trying this week. How will I manage to publish writing (or improve an already published piece) every day this week? I believe I need a routine. Something that tells me “OK, it’s time to write.” One piece of my routine is my writing station. I have a narrow Ikea bureau which has just enough room to put my laptop (on a stand) and mouse on it, and then I position a wireless keyboard in the top drawer. This works fine for writing, but makes it difficult to browse the web, as I like to use the mouse to do that and this makes using the mouse a little more difficult. So this is a cue to focus on writing, and also puts up a barrier to browsing the web. The second part is to put on some background sounds to help me focus. I like Endel. It gives me a nice, ambient soundtrack that immediately fades to the background. The third part is to choose a time. I am usually free in the evenings these days. So I think I can do 8 PM every night. I think it it will be helpful to put a time constraint on this fledgling habit. I like the Pomodoro technique. I’ll try for 25 minutes of focused writing. I’m trying out an app called Centered (centered.app) with which I can enter a task and start a Pomodoro timer for that task. It’s simple and gets out of the way — unless I try to change to another window. Then it will nudge me to get back on task. Finally, I want to track my streaks and get inspiration from others who are on this writing journey. So I will experiment with putting my posts on writer communities like Cowriter.app and WriteTogether. So every night at 8, I will go to my writing station, open up Endel, start a 25-minute timer in Centered, and start writing. And publish it on Medium and a writing community. I’ll try to do this every day this week, and review my outcomes next Sunday. I’m excited about installing a writing habit and hope that I can establish a solid habit in the next few months.


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