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Stomach Bug or Food Poisoning?

I stepped out of the cab and collapsed in bed at half past eight. I might've mumbled a "I think I got food poisoning" to someone on the way to my room, but the last thought I had before falling into a deep sleep was "I should really take some time to post on WT". [Fade to black]

REWIND to 6 hours earlier I was playing Minecraft straight from lunch on Saturday but I started to feel woozy at around 2pm. I didn't think anything of it except perhaps dehydration or lack of sleep. I had two film screenings with friends at 5 and 8pm respectively so despite feeling unwell, I decided I'd take a cab (-$$) and just feel it out. The first film at 5pm was Pedro Almodovar's All About My Mother. I found my friend in the dark theatre and plopped next to him like a rag doll, but immediately felt far worse than I did on the cab ride.

I couldn't even keep my head up and some of the shots were unwatchable due to the colours and movement. I started to burp and was struck with nausea. It was a comical moment looking back because there were sick people in the film as well as pregnancy/HIV mentioned, so this whole time that I was feeling sick I just couldn't help but feel ME TOO and wild thoughts like What if I'm pregnant or what if I have HIV ran through my mind. By that point, there was something triggering my stomach to empty itself so I RAN out of the theatre (in record time) and into the safety of the bathroom. It wasn't a lot. It wasn't messy (I was careful and conscienstious). But, my initial assessment was that I was poisoned or it was food poisoning. Sorry if TMI: It was a lot of liquid.

After I cleaned the toilet as best as I could and sheepishly told one of the ushers what had happened, she gave me a comforting hug and back rub. I realised I didn't bring out my wallet with me so I couldn't buy some tea. I decided to stay by the staircase in case I felt like vomiting again. My friends all poured out of the theatre afterwards (we were watching different films) and everyone urged me to go home. I didn't want to argue. I couldn't. I felt that ill. I let my friends make decisions for me. I got into a cab and headed home and as I mentioned had WT on my mind before I faded.

The body betrayed the mind or at the very least, made the right call to prioritise. I woke up in the middle of the night with the WT deadline in my head. It was almost 9 am when I began to write this, and I was awake for one and a half hours before I slept again. I was meant to meet the dog that I might dog-sit, but I decided to postpone it. I'm still achey and would want to feel my best when I meet the family.


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