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I See Molecules

This song changed my life.

Maybe it'll be my mantra to this Full Moon.

I see molecules and I see you
I see friends in stars and faces in moons
And I see molecules I see light
I see colors and shapes in the middle of the night
And finally I'm right, finally you're wrong
Finally I dance with confidence to songs
That sing of hope and love and truth
When you're nothing
You're still something
You're molecules

I had a brainstorming meeting with my new team from the CSO on Friday night and afterwards, followed after Theo who was visiting some friendly neighbours to have a jam with. Aside from the really good meeting, the rest of the evening turned out to be a lovely unexpected night. We had some drinks, geeked out over music, and laughed about random things. It was slow and easy warming up and getting to know one another. There was Anirudh, an expat from India and our host for the evening. He's a warm and welcoming person—a true audiophile and an amazing songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Immediately, I could sense that he and I would get along. There was also Nick, from the UK. Also a great instrumentalist and kind person. It was fun knowing that all of us (including Theo who's younger) had similar pop song references for stuff. We sang all sorts of genres, from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Amy Winehouse, original songs and just jammed. Ani introduced us to some new music and whatever came out of his speakers filled your soul. Towards the end of the evening, Nick and I bonded over our love for dogs and I told him that funny thing about my friend's cat winning the contest. When we left Ani's house at 4ish... a neighbour just happened to be walking their dog! It was perfect.

I am so grateful to be here right now. From matters related to my work. To my spirit. To my relationships. To where I live. As I might have mentioned, our apartment is quite central and I haven't lived this close to the center since I first moved here, in the late 1990s to early 2000s.

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