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i am not here to debate

i shared this on facebook and want this to be one of my public posts on WT.

i’m not here to debate with anyone or to change your mind.

there’s nothing more that i can add to the difficult conversations we’re all having. we don’t need to step too far out of google to research. we can just listen to what each other is feeling and saying and going through right now. or listen to your own voice and body. and so no, the listening doesn’t have to be on social media.

despite the seeming landslide of “cancellations” of public figures/celebrities prompted by whatever comments they made — i want to bring our attention to change and transformation. it's happening right now whether we like it or not. whether we choose to see that it is here within ourselves or not.

this reinvigoration of the #blacklivesmatter movement and conversation—this global concern—a collective ‘showing up’ even in a time like this with COVID-19 in the backdrop, is proof of change. we could have all turned inward, thought of our own individual rights and liberties—securities and not cared or moved. but that's not what we are all witnessing.

so pause a moment and take a break from any judgment of whether or someone's post/comment/reply/re-share of what post is genuine or sincere. or whether or not this movement and the protests will ”actually" change anything. or even spending any more energy shaming those who are not believing in change.

suspend your judgment. there’s so much pain and suffering already—within you, within black communities and minority communities worldwide. there is a lot of pain.

think about how you might have changed over the years and the steps you’ve taken to be a better person. where are you now? who are you right now? no one was born racist or hateful, but no one was born with perfect knowledge either. we all learned to be who we choose to be right now.

sit with that for a moment.

you have no control of others. nothing you can say can accelerate their awareness of themselves and of change. there’s no point in pushing or shoving against them and sometimes, as we've seen violently counter or attack. how would it help to do all that, when you have your own life to live and your own decisions to make—your own love to extend to all the things you choose to do and be a part of.

i’ve shared this before but i’ll share it again:

life is short
the bar is low
the earth is dying

i would like to believe that even if there are people whom you're having difficult/challenging conversations with, whether it's about the environment or #racism in your own countries, the injustices in the Philippines, #hongkong's freedom or worldwide LGBTQi rights, visibility of those living with disability and all communities that continue to suffer—you make the choice to see what's here.

you make the choice to witness change and the work that we are each putting in to make life collectively good–whether that is for ourselves or our communities.

good and bad and right and wrong exists simultaneously all the time. everything is here and happening all at once. choose what to sit with. choose what to consume. choose your feelings. choose to show up for yourself first.

when the time comes for awareness and for us to be more aligned to transform, then maybe we will all feel more at home here together.

again, i’m not here to debate with you. i’m not here to change your mind. everything is happening. and it is a lot. and it is all impermanent.

i send you love and kind thoughts. i encourage you to do one small thing that will put a smile on your face. ice cream? animal crossing? sit near a window? read a poem. hug a puppy. or a cat? brew a cup of your favourite drink. hug yourself.

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