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Bangkok Blues

I'm in Bangkok for a two-hour stop over. Please indulge me for a moment but the last time I was here, I was parting ways with my last long-term partner. Ed, who is Latvian, but lived in London had flown out to my side of the world to meet me and eventually, to also meet my Dad and his wife. It's only in retrospect that I realise there were glimpses of his impatience and childishness even then. It wasn't all bad of course, there were some things I remember fondly about that trip. One memory was how he managed to tenderly and gently remove the helix piercing I recently got done, which got infected. I don't even remember which ear it was anymore.

Another memory was when we walked along the railroad tracks in the city. My ex wasn't being mindful about the possibility of us being bulldozed by a train and he was annoyed that I was being extra cautious. The locals thought we were crazy arguing in the middle of an active railroad. It felt crazy at the time. The dirty chaotic environment reminded me of Manila. Bangkok still feels a lot more organised though.

I also really liked when we missed our stop when we took the local train, and that it was only because I spoke French and was able to eavesdrop on a Family's conversation that we could ask them for help. Once I realised we missed our stop, they told us that we should just continue on to Ayutthaya, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. At the end of it, we didn't just get to visit the Buddhist temple that we had wanted to see, but also some famous temple ruins that everyone else except us seemed to know about.

By the time this posts, I would have been in Dubai for a few hours. I'm pretty excited! I haven't seen Shields since APRIL. Pictures in the next post!


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