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Camels and Tethering Tourists

My friends are giving me a hard time right now. I remembered my writing deadline and so I had asked to tether from one of them. So here so I am. We're in the middle of the desert and doing some touristy things like camel hunting, visiting ghost towns and eating fish and chips in the dry heat. It's been an exciting day though. I love camels, they've been my favourite weird animal to love and I managed to see them Jurassic Park close!

Yesterday, we tried to visit D3 The Dubai Design District, but it was empty like most of the places we've been visiting. That's what I am still having a hard time to describe. There is a feeling of excess, lavishness, but also of vast emptiness. As a result of the lavish lifestyles, I can't help but think about the income inequality gap in these parts. I am forced to think about that when I'm here. It feels as though the rich in this part of the world just made executive decisions about what to build or what to have or erect and presto boom, they are built. Then people are hired and then they have no customers most of the time until you walk in, they spring into action, with a huge smile on their face ready to serve you.

All of it, is so alien to me. So as I had mentioned Shields and I took a drive after lunch to explore Dubai a bit more yesterday, but I preferred to see some more nature things. I'm a nature lover. After D3, we found another artistic district that had a more people milling about. That's really one of the things I can't get over — how there's not a lot of people wherever we go. It's honestly the strangest thing. It's a bit like North Korea or what we've learned about it, in that it feels like a bit of a show and facade, but with a different background and terrain— lots of sand.

More later! With pictures.


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