3 months ago for day 364, 2019 with 205 words.

Why do I want to write?

I feel like I have a lot of thoughts that never get said out loud. I think writing can help me express myself more as I kick off 2020. Whether an ideology about remote work, or about life, about what I learn about myself as I travel or go through different relationships. I was honestly googling "write once a day" apps and came up with nothing. Then I saw Owen Williams tweet about this and it felt like a sign.

I've never considered myself a "writer", at least not publicly. I have notes in my phone from forever filled with letters to people, poems, thought trains - I've just never gone any extra steps to be vulnerable and share. To get out of my own way I'm just going to think of this journey as thought trains and write whatever I'm thinking of that day. If anyone reading this have suggestions for someone just getting started with this habit, or stories of how doing such a habit has helped you I'd love to hear :)

Here goes my writing streak! Excited to see what I will learn about myself, and how I can get more insights by having a place to reflect on my thoughts.


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Hi! I'm co-founder of a company called Workfrom, focusing on the remote work space. I want to improve my abilities to talk about what we're building and express my ideas in general :)

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