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Today, I reminded myself

I wear my hospital wristband as religiously as festival-goers wear their party wristbands too. It's been my reminder to take better care of myself, much better than I have been in the past few weeks, maybe months.

I reminded myself to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I reminded myself to cook each meal with love and care, careful of each ingredient that goes into every meal, careful of the length of preparation, careful of the design and logistics -- from the pan I'm using to the pot or plate I'm serving the dish in. I reminded myself to drink water, and I'm almost done with this 1.5 litre bottle of hemp water, as the next bottle awaits. I reminded myself to take my medication, and not worrying about it for the rest of the day. I reminded myself to be wary of the temperature in my apartment -- not too warm that it makes me lethargic and sends me to sleep, but not too cold that it makes me feel like I'm coming down with a cold. I reminded myself to move around, and have a little fun, whether it's laughing along to a podcast while cooking, or dancing on the spot as I do the dishes, with soapy bubbles flying left and right as I'm cutting shapes that only a younger Ben would be proud of. I reminded myself of the benefits of peppermint tea in the afternoon, and the benefits of adding spices to a meal for a much needed kick.

I reminded myself to be kind with these reminders, that some of them might feel like a chore for now, but the more I do them, the more they stick, and the more they stick, the less I'll have to remind myself to take better care of this vessel I'm in.


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By Ben Ellis 💘

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