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Way out

Today, for the very first weekend this year, we stayed home and were lazy as much as it's possible. We watched some Netflix, I played some Witcher 3 since I want to complete it for the fourth time or so after watching the series. We also played together with my wife in a game called "Way out". So far, it's a game about escaping from the prison. It's a co-op with split-screen and gameplay is awesome. I get kind of interactive Walking dead vibes but with co-op.

One thing I miss from the first consoles I tried out is the co-op mode in games. I guess they were implemented a lot more often back in the day because of how expensive those game consoles and computers were. Now, the cost of a PS4, Nintendo Switch or Microsoft Xbox isn't that big for most people I think. But there is something special about sitting in front of one TV and playing together with split-screen that two different systems don't provide.

For tomorrow we don't have any plans as well apart from being lazy and relax. I love travelling but after constant travel for two weeks, it's nice to stay at home for the weekend.


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