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Video games (4/4)

So during high school I started to play less games. I still played, even before my high school exams because I was too lazy to sit and learn for them. I knew that I will be going to university soon enough so will need some laptop for all the projects and internet. I thought to myself already at this point that I won't spend too much time playing video games during university so I should get a laptop that won't allow me to play.

I bought a Hewlett Packard from business series with integrated graphics so it was sluggish at best. Fortunately — or maybe unfortunately, depends on how one looks at it — games started having less and less requirements. League of Legends started being quite popular and a lot of my friend both in hometown and university were playing it. Actually, some student parties consisted of watching e-sport matches and drinking while trying to get the number for pizza on phone.

I didn't play it that much though. I started losing interest in video games at this point. There were always better things to do around and this programming thing at university started interesting me — especially after I checked how much I could get from it when I graduate. I started going to various programming meet-ups, thought how I can graduate faster and just start working. Situation at my home with my parents started getting worse so I knew that I can't go back.

Funny enough, after my first bigger pay check when I was still studying at university, I bought PS4 which I still own. One of the reasons I bought it because I didn't want to play around with PC parts — assembling computers didn't interest me that much anymore. Another reason was that I really wanted to play GTA 5 and Witcher 3 which was just around the corner.

I still really like how video games tell stories. It's some much easier to emerge into game story than it is with other digital medium, at least for me. Video games are an art of story telling and entertainment. They help to understand different things about different cultures and increase imagination of a person. I don't think I will ever stop playing them at all.

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