8 months ago 🏆 for day 5, 2020 with 247 words.

Under the weather

We just got back to Dublin from London. Since we had flight from London Stansted airport — which is around 50 kilometres from London itself for those who don't know — we didn't have much time today to do anything. I also woke up feeling a little bit under the weather so I didn't want to overdo anything. Then, there was also maintenance work on the railway going to that airport so we had to take a bus which obviously takes more time.

We visited a really cute cafe called "Plam Vaults" with all pink and plants-like design. My wife fell in love with it from first sight and I liked it once I got really good food and nice warm chocolate to drink. I was curious to see how much rent cost in London to compare it with Dublin. Well, let me just say that either London isn't that expensive or the Dublin housing market is broken. We sat there for an hour or two and then decided to go catch a bus to the airport. To do that we had to pretty much go back south to take a bus that goes up north.

Rest of the day was staying at the airport going through all the usual things and then waiting for the flight. There were no delays and not anything. And now here I am, laying on couch and writing. Gonna get some pills and try to rest so I won't feel awful tomorrow.


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By Bartosz Łęcki


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