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Too much

This week I was trying to release the feature I was working on with couple of people from my team in last month or two. This won't happen because of too many releases already and other teams having too much on their head right now. We don't want to overflow the stack if I can phrase it this way. Well, two more workdays or so won't really kill me.

My wife took flight yesterday to New York to make a little workshop session with one of the clients handled by the company she works at. I kinda envy her that she got to travel — even for work. I guess this is a good thing when working in consulting and have to travel to various different clients from time to time. Well, I guess myself as a developer wouldn't have that chance really.

There isn't much more happening right now in my life. After work, I come home and spend time watching Lucifer on Netflix and playing some games while taking care of the come as much as I want on a given day. I feel like I'm in a place where I need some time off. Good that next week I actually have some time off scheduled. I'm going to Poland for a weekend and have some days around that as holidays to just relax.

Before my wife left for the work trip, we got ourself tickets for Christmas. We will be going to Lisbon for the whole week which sounds like a perfect Christmas. I'm not a fan of pretty much any Christian holiday. In my house we celebrated them only because of the social aspect of religion — you don't believe, you are expelled from the society. Frankly, spending Christmas being on a trip is perfect Christmas for me.


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