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The Crown

We finished watching the newest season of The Crown on Netflix. For those who don't know it's a series with various stories about Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the royal family. I like it because of the drama mostly but also because of how well it's made. I was never personally interested in the life of the royal family. Even during recent prince Harry and Meghan wedding and their baby, I didn't pay much attention. But I'm all up for series drama.

One thing that I like about this series is how they show the struggles of the queen, how something that could be seen as a luxury by populist is, in fact, a high burden and state prohibiting from living your own life. I would lie though if there were no moments where — especially Prince Philips, husband of Queen Elizabeth — I wanted to shout on the screen about how delusional they are and detached from the real world. But what can one expect when you watch people living in a bubble.

Apart from finishing The Crown, I started participation today in an event called the Advent of Code. It's a month-long event where programmers from all around the world can solve puzzles in any language. I thought this would be a good possibility for me to start learning some golang since most of those puzzles are rather straightforward in terms of software design but hard in terms of figuring out what's the right solution. It seems like an excellent polygon for learning a new programming language.

I don't have much of issue while learning golang. Yes, types are specified after the name of the argument which is quite interesting to me since I'm more accustomed to reverse notation — one where types are before the names. Those are all normal things when anyone tackles new language — either real, spoken language or programming one.


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