11 months ago 🏆 for day 282, 2019 with 310 words.

Tap, tap, tap

168 files edited, almost 1000 lines added and a little bit over 250 removed. Could I split it in smaller parts? Not really since — in fact — I change only one thing. Most of those lines changed are added tests to make sure that the code I actually change is tested. Kind happy that this is done since it seems like a nice progression towards better quality. But it was exhausting for sure.

Apart from that mundane work, I had one-on-one with my manager today. We were talking about compensation since it's this time of the year. There was even special training to explain how compensation at the company works. I got asked what I think about the equity I got and after smiling I said I don't really care about it since I don't have it.

In a lot of companies that offer equity, it's normal practice to add a clause about vesting. From what I found around the internet and opinions, four year vesting period seems normal in most of the companies. Now, some companies also add a "cliff" — period during which options doesn't vest. Cliff should make sure that employees that doesn't stay long at company, doesn't get money from equity. Make sense from shareholders point of view.

I'm still waiting for my cliff to end. Till it ends, I don't have any options since I doesn't have anything vested yet. I don't know how to care about money I don't have since....well, I don't have it. I fully understand that when I will have it then I will care but this is a little bit more time. Also, I heard so much stories about companies giving equity which in the end was worth pennies. I really prefer cash part of compensation since I know that I have it when I see it on my bank account.


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