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Sweet Christmas

That phrase was repeated quite often in Netflix "Luke Cage" series by the main hero. And I guess I can say that as well since Christmas is here officially. At my company, we have Christmas pause where most people don't work except some operations and customer support people. I assume that customer support people over Christmas won't have much to do as well since most of our clients are from the USA and Europe.

Now, I'm not a fan of Christmas myself — never felt true this thing people call magic. For me, this was simply a period of getting presents and eating the food we usually don't eat the rest of the year. I don't get gifts anymore, and because I like some Christmas dishes, I eat them not only then but throughout the whole year. Never saw a point in restricting yourself in terms of food.

What Christmas became for me is time to think about the year and what should happen next year. And it's an excellent period for travelling as well. The last Christmas I've spent in Bangkok by watching some series in the hotel and making pauses for pad thai on the street. I like such way of spending Christmas. I prefer it over spending it with my family. Lisbon this year will be — at least I hope so — as good as Bangkok last year.

Another reason why I don't feel the spirit of Christmas anymore is lack of snow. When I was growing up there was always snow during Christmas but not much anymore. In Dublin, there never was snow, so I don't see that as well. I see people dressing thing up as reindeers and Santa Claus yet climate says different. Recently, it pours almost every day. Rain isn't the same as snow, is it?


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