1 year ago 🏆 for day 1, 2020 with 245 words.

Starting new year

I woke up surprised today that after finishing that port wine bottle yesterday I didn't have any hangover. Somehow I expected one since this wine is stronger than usual and it's a wine which I don't aren't easy to digest as other alcohols. Well, I guess I still have quite some head even though I don't drink frequently. Maybe those are my Polish genes or something.

We had a lazy day today and didn't do much. Together with my wife, we started watching the second season of "The end of the fucking world" on Netflix. It's a pretty good series about teenagers that are a little bit different than most of their colleagues. I don't really know how to sell it but it's good.

We did go for a walk and to make some groceries at the Asian market here in Dublin. They have really nice stuff there like Gojujang and various Asian noodles. Since both I and my wife love Asian food, we had to get some of those spices and pastes. Gojujang is really flavourful and it can change most dishes into something from another world.

I changed the limit over here to two hundred characters. I still want to write here every day but for now, I want to give myself a few holidays by writing less every day. I will probably change it back to three hundred words in a couple of weeks.

That's it for today.


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