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I woke up and told my team that I will work from home today, but after an hour, I decided to take a day off after all. I'm not very sick since I can somehow function but thinking about code isn't a thing my brain is willing to do. Another thing is that I need to learn to set boundaries in a way that when I'm sick, I should take a sick day off. My current work is the first one where I have paid sick days off, so it's still entirely new to me. At previous jobs, I was working on a B2B basis, so I didn't have sick days off, and it was always better for me to work.

Because of me being sick, I didn't do much today. I lied in bed watching movies and resting. One thing I managed to get hold off finally was my Goodreads profile. Before, every book I found in a book store I wanted to read, I made a photo of its cover. My wife proposed that it would be better to use Goodreads, mainly since I use a kindle. To my surprise, I had a profile already but didn't even know about it. I also set a challenge to read those 12 books I want this year.


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By Bartosz Łęcki


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