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Short night

We're flying at 6:15 AM from Dublin to Lisbon. It's always good to be at least two hours before the flight. There is Christmas just around the corner so there is an uptake in terms of how many people will try to get to the airport and fly to home country to visit families, so I guess we need to get there even sooner. Perhaps I could get flights at a little later hour but what's done is done.

It was quite a lazy day today. Apart from going to the gym and finishing a great podcast episode "On the metal" with Ron Minnich. I highly recommend that podcast if you are a geek and are into hardware part of computing as well. Frankly, I think this is the podcast for which I wait for the most. Another good thing about the gym today was that there weren't too many people since it's Sunday and people are curing their hangovers. And, of course, Christmas.

I also realised recently that I have to start cooking more. The gym is one thing, but a bad diet doesn't help. Coke in the office doesn't help as well. Then there is also the thing about the expenses — prices for any services in Dublin are quite high, probably because of transportation and housing costs. I recently even saw that Berlin is a lot cheaper in terms of housing and also taxes seem more reasonable there because of the higher tax bracket. In Ireland, average people are already paying a higher tax bracket which is just wrong.

I need to pack some more stuff before going to sleep, so I better go. We don't have any plans for tomorrow, but we bought a ticket to the Harry Potter exhibition and oceanarium for Tuesday so we will have a full day of activities.


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