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Now that could be a clickbaity title if I would mean that I separate with my wife, but I rather talk about the separation of chinchillas. The youngest one was overly abusive in his love towards his companion. We found out that the second in hierarchy lost a lot of fur and got bitten in a couple of places when we were in London. We had to separate them and now the youngest one is alone where the second in hierarchy joined the oldest one.

Anyway, today I had my first day back at the office so it was quite nice to see familiar faces and have something proper to do. I like holidays but I found out last year on the honeymoon that too much of them don't suit me. Two weeks are great, three are okay but month is just way too much. Even after two weeks, I come to work wondering what's my role and what do I even do. I would lie as well that I cannot wait for the next trip!

We also filled for a tax refund with my wife so hopefully, we will get a couple of hundred euro back. What's interesting to me is various incentives created in the taxation system. For example, as a person that rents an apartment or a house, I don't get any tax refunds but if I would invest and buy a property, I can apply for a tax refund. The tax system in Ireland thus clearly favours long-term investors than short-term residents.


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