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Today my computer rejected my will to work, and various stuff broke on multiple occasions. My system restarted without any notice, my terminal did hang and even after force kill it still was not responsive when run again. Restarting, which is the usual way of fixing things in modern computers, didn't work that well since the login screen didn't appear. Then when I decided to change the terminal application I use to default terminal app present in macOS, it did freeze as well. Today felt more of a fighting day with everything than actually workday.

Since yesterday I'm quite fascinated by Plaid acquisition by Visa. Since my wife started working as an innovation consultant with companies in the finance industry, I got an entirely new perspective on many of the things happening in the fintech. Also, it kind of shows how much valued can companies working in finance be — 5.7 billion dollars for a company that's six years old seems to be an excellent result. Entire finance industry got me even more interested after moving to Ireland.

Banking and finance world in Poland is widely different from that which can be seen in Ireland. Most banking products that can be seen here on the island are slightly antique. I was recently hoping I could cancel getting print-out of all transactions from the last three months in my bank, but that's not possible. It's planned to be done for a year or so. User experience design of my banking app is awful. I have an account in a cashless bank which is okay, but that same bank doesn't offer any cash deposit machines so, in case of selling anything, I cannot deposit that money.


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By Bartosz Łęcki


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