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Normal thursday

Today Thursday feels....normal? Nothing specific happened throughout whole day. I worked, I came home, played some video games, watched some YouTube with my wife, let chinchillas run for a bit outside the cage on the runway and write my three hundred words over here. Nothing special, nothing unusual.

During this week at work I was working on team issues and making sure that anything reported has correct priority set so we know what we are dealing with. Most important part of that whole process is to make sure that any reported issue is not a critical issue that could impact reputation of the company. I'm quite happy to say that I managed to get through the whole backlog which piled up over some time because the merge of the teams and various other distractions.

Tomorrow I will have most likely a lot of meeting like planning for the next week and retrospective of this week work. I have to say that I'm not really used to such big amount of meetings like I have now at my current gig. In my previous job I had at maximum two hours of meetings per week or so. Here, just in last week I had around ten hours of them. I know that current way is just way too much and hopefully those will be reduced in near future. I realise that talking and planning is important but planning too much may not be the best thing as well.

Since my wife started university this week, she started also having homework regarding her classes as well. She didn't anticipate so much material in the beginning. She has to read and write opinions about everything she reads. In next week, she even has to start her own blog and write on it her opinions. It's definitely interesting way of teaching and seems that it's really deep. It actually even looks cool!


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