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Mulled wine

I did finish feature at work today but won’t merge till after new year. There is no point in merging anything now since I don’t want to break anything. I would feel bad for someone getting waked up in the night because of my code change — even if my code change isn’t something big and is secured behind feature flag.

It already seems that most people don’t come to office and probably are traveling to their place of Christmas. It’s funny because for two weeks now whole company changed into a more remote-friendly company just because of some holiday. At previous companies I worked this happened as well but they were remote first companies so I didn’t really notice that behaviour.

After work we did go with my wife and friends of ours to a Christmas market. It was pretty shitty frankly and far from something like Weinachtsmarkt in Berlin. By the way I just wrote that word as two separate words; I should know better about long German words. There were some nice lights and trees around Dublin castle where the whole market was happening. It doesn’t feel that Christmasy to be though since there is no snow here.

Later we did go for some food and pint of beer. It was nice to meet with someone before the actual Christmas and talk about nothing. Back when I was studying at university I came back to my hometown to meet with various friends and go for a beer to the only right city pub called “Tequila”. I stopped doing that at some point since I moved quite far away and I didn’t really want to go back to home anymore see my drunken parents. Christmas lost it magic for me and I’m not sure I will ever find it again.


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