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We started the day with really great New York bagels at BO Bagels in Harlem. I got one with cream cheese and smoked salmon. To be honest, I never are such a good salmon in my life. My wife had one with egg paste and pickles but I didn't really like it that much — I like my egg paste with a lot of good mayo and it didn't have it that much.

Later, we did go a little bit down south to the central park and borrowed citibikes to drive through it. I felt really all those scenes of actors in old sitcoms running through central parks as I rode it. Also, I thought that central park is quite fault but it's actually all bumpy! We didn't make it through the whole park since we got tired. We took subway to walk through the 5th Avenue.

I truly love New York for how big and majestic all those buildings are here. I always connected cities to big buildings that make you feel small and less relevant. I know this may sound weird but I love the feeling of looking up and not be able to see the top of the building.

After quick lunch we decided to see 9/11 memorial at world trade center. I'm not sure if I ever saw such a good museum in my life. I was feeling vulnerable quite a lot and some scenes and dialogues from people who were first to action during that time broke me. I believe it's so good because of how well the narrative in that museum was built in the first place — how it follows along the events of 9/11. Highly recommended if someone didn't see yet. As we were exiting the museum, one of the workers told us that we are lucky because they are closed from tomorrow onwards because of coronavirus.

Well, we still wait for information from Aer Lingus but I don't think I can really depend on them.

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