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Lazy holidays

We woke up today around 11 AM or so. It’s Christmas Day here so almost all shops and restaurants were closed in Lisbon. Because of that fact, we decided to take it slow today and just chill for a little bit while doing almost nothing.

We did go to one of only cafes open today called coffee roasters and ate our breakfast there. It’s really nice place since they serve filter coffee which I got really used to for last three years. If I drink black coffee without milk then it has to be a filter. I prefer V60 drip over aero press over Cheney personally. I also like funky stuff like tonic espresso — something I sadly don’t see that often which makes warm summers worse.

We stayed in that cafe till around 3:30 PM eating food, drinking coffee and reading books. It was interesting to cut off any phone usage for couple of hours, read books and observe people in the pauses. Whole cafe seemed to be some kind of faraday cage almost because there was not only any WiFi but also no cellular as well. Probably just characteristic of a building since I don’t think building habitable structures with blocked cellular signal is legal.

After the cafe we did go for a small walk around the old city. At one point we saw some old basilica that had both cross and David star on its doors so I got quite interested. It was just a normal Christian church with crypt of some long dead saint. We did go down the stairs to that crypt and we found out that people are throwing coins at some altar. Not really sure how that’s appropriate to throw coins into someone grave; seems to be a little disrespectful. Because of that whole experience lacked feel of being in a special place.

After that we started looking for some restaurant to get food. We ate, came back home and started watching Rick and Morty. That’s it.


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