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Last day in NYC

Today we are flying back in couple of hours to Ireland — of course if Irish government won't proceed with total lockdown all of the sudden. I'm kinda glad that we are leaving since it's hard to be pleasant with the trip when all of stuff that goes down right now. Then, I will really miss new york since it's the best planned city I saw so far in my life and I think NYC will be a benchmark for me towards which a lot of cities should struggle towards — at least in terms of planning.

Since it was our last day, I woke up at 5 am in the morning and did drive with subway to the Dumbo in Brooklyn to get some shots during sunrise. It was so beautiful to see the sun rising and lighting skyscrapers at Manhattan, see people running around in their morning exercise and try not to freeze to death since apparently it can be cold at Hudson River in the morning. I will post some pictures once I will move them through luminar to pimp them up a little but I posted one already on Twitter.

I will definitely go back. The is no other choice.

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