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How much?!

Well, I did know that phone services in USA are more expensive but damn, I somehow didn't thought we will pay that much. My wife did remember that we can get prepaid sim card for 25 dollars so I thought that's okay. But then, it has only three gigabytes of internet and this was jus price of prepaid telecom services value. There was also registration fee of 15 bucks for each card and tax so overall we paid 90 dollars. I was joking to my wife that for that money i had full year of service back in Poland.

Anyway, we landed on JFK and did travel you out hostel in Harlem. At almost last moment we did change booking from YMCA in Manhattan to YMCA in Harlem. It was 300 dollars cheaper so I guess that's a win overall anyway. We saw some bad opinions but it seems to be good after all. I'm not sure how many people sleep on our floor but I don't hear much voices so I guess we may be the only one on the floor.

Okay, gotta go do some planning for tomorrow. I got all the places written down already but just need to see what we will do tomorrow exactly.

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