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Harry Potter Studio

Today we visited original site where all of eight Harry Potter movies were recorded. It’s a couple of kilometers under London but it seems to be more accessible with public transport than some places in Dublin. We had to take a bus, a metro, a train and then one more bus to get there but overall it was around an hour away from our hotel.

Place itself is huge! Whole visit is estimated for around three hours but whole visit including transport took us almost nine hours so I guess it’s one of those full day activities. The visiting experience starts already in the bus we took from Watford Junction station. There is video played on the bus starring actor whole played various dwarf roles in Harry Potter series.

What was most surprising to me are all the props and models they made to record the movie. Somehow I thought that almost all the movies nowadays are mostly special effects and most of the recordings is done with green or blue screen in the background. I didn’t imagine that someone could buy whole train and adjust it for the movie yet they did that for the Harry Potter scenes where students are riding to Hogwarts!

I noticed also how various movies changed in ratio of how much CGI was used over time. Last two movies use a lot of it where the couple first were mostly based on real locations, props and various models made specially for the movie. It kinda show how much technology influences every single industry.

Overall it was great experience and quite an eye-opening experience for me since it was a first movie set I ever visited. Amount of work needed to create a single two minute scene can take even whole year! All masks, makeup, props preparation and many other things that were used had to me done manually by hundreds of people.

I won’t ever think again that there are too many people in the credits.


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