11 months ago 🏆 for day 71, 2020 with 213 words.

Harlem baby!

We started first full day in New York city by going to grab some good breakfast. We found out on bon appetit that Sylvia soul food was really recommended place so we tried it. For the first time in my life I tried grits — at least in the form that they served it which resembled a little bit kongii. Also, fries that they served were different that yellow fries you can see in other places. They were red with a lot of butter around them. Real comfort food.

After filling ourself with more food than we should, we did go to soho to walk around. My wife wanted to buy allbirds for some time now since she was jelly of mine so we did go to their shop in the middle of Manhattan. She got her shoes and I took some free really blue laces so now I have to figure out how to connect them with stuff I wear.

We walked for a bit but at some point we found a Blue bottle coffee — place which is mentioned as first client of Google ventures in book about doing design sprints. They were trying to transfer experience of doing a coffee with a barista into the internet. Nice place, nice coffee.


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