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So since yesterday, we started playing with my wife in "Overcooked" on Playstation 4. It's an arcade game where you work as a chef and have to cook and assembly various dishes. Pretty fun game and even better, it's possible to play coop with another person both in the same room or through the internet or — even better — in a hybrid approach. So scenario, where two pairs located in two different countries play in Overcooked, is possible. There aren't many such games and this one is great and allows that so I guess it will be useful during the next months.

We did quite big groceries today with a car since there aren't any good supermarkets near me. I don't remember when was the last time we made such big groceries really but then I don't remember last time when there was pandemic going around. People were standing in queue while distancing themself between each other so that was nice to see that people are taking correct measures.

Also, yesterday, I've sent a question to the tax office because I heard it's possible to make invoices as a private person if that's an exception. I got an answer from accounting company that could handle that for me but it would cost around 80 euros so it doesn't make much sense since invoice value would be twice that. Hopefully, the tax office will answer faster than twenty days they say on the website.


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